Weapons Used At Gallipoli

Some of the Weapons used at Gallipoli are as follows.

Q 14837: Catapult, periscope rifle, various trench mortars and hand grenades.

Q 13282: Making bombs from empty jam tins, filled with old nails, bits of shell and barbed wire, and other scraps of metal, and an explosive charge. A fuse was fitted through the top of the tin which had to be lighted by a match. These bombs were first issued in very small quantities about an hour before the Third Battle of Krithia, 4th June 1915.


Q 14825: Watching through a periscope the effect of a bomb from a catapult. The bomb was released by striking the catch of the catapult with the handle of an entrenching tool. Helles Front, Royal Naval Division.

HU 59234: A smoke float constructed by the engine room department on board HMS HARPY, summer 1915, and known as the "Tar Baby". The float would be towed behind the destroyer when steaming at high speed in the Narrows and would generate a smokescreen, which would hide the Allied positions on Cape Helles from the Turkish batteries on the Asiatic shore.

List of most popular weapons used at Gallipoli:

  • .303 Enfield rifles
  • .455 Wembly revolvers
  • Light Field Artillery (primarily 6 pounder)
  • Vickers Heavy Machine Gun
  • Short Range Trench Mortars
  • Webley Mk IV to VI Revolver
  • Mk1 Grenade
  • Lewis Gun
  • Lee Enfield Mk III (SMLE)
  • Stokes Mortar
  • Mosin Nagant
  • German and Turkish-produced Mauser Rifles
  • Periodically, naval guns were available (depending on ships in area, 12 in. to 14 in. were the largest) 

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