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The World War I battlefields known as Gallipoli are just 15 kms west of the city of Canakkale. They are located on the European side of Turkey, whereas Canakkale is on the Asian side. There is also a town named Gallipoli 40 km east of the battlefields, where the name originated, which is now called "Gelibolu" in Turkish.

It was on the Gallipoli battlefields that for eight and a half months in 1915 soldiers from every corner of the British Empire fought against Turks from all over the Ottoman Empire in an effort to open the Dardanelles for the Allied warships. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the commander in the Anzac zone, made a significant contribution towards defeating the Allied forces.. The Gallipoli Campaign was a failure and the Dardanelles Strait was not breached. The land campaign involved the forces often being in close proximity, the trenches were only 10 meters apart from each other in places (notably at Quinn's Post).

A visit to the battlefields, cemeteries and museum at Gallipli has become a "must do" pilgrimage for Australians and New Zealanders visiting Turkey. The best time to visit is April 25th where all the people gather and remember the most bloody war. It is estimated that a total of 500,000 troops suffered injuries and perhaps 250,000 lost their lives.

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